Buzz. . z..z..z..

Raymond set up a beehive in the back yard last month. One of the ladies he works with at the school is a beekeeper and came over and helped the day he introduced the bees to their new home. Later that evening, we were talking and I said I would be on the lookout for some bee fabric and make her a little thank you gift. Raymond thought that was a good idea.

I figured it would take a while to locate fabric to match the picture in my mind and I would probably have to search online. As it turned out, the fabric came to me without me even looking for it.  A day or so later, I was at my Crazy Quilter’s guild meeting and my friend,  Carolyn, was talking about some fabric she ordered online and that one of the fabrics was totally not what she ordered at all and she was going to call the store to get the fabric she wanted. It just happened that the fabric she got and didn’t want was yellow with honey comb in the background and bees scattered across it. Just about exactly what I was looking for.  I told her that I would be happy to take the fabric off her hands if the store didn’t ask her to send it back when they replaced it with the correct fabric. She called them a day or so after that and they said they would send the right fabric and she should just keep the other with their apologies for the mistake.

So my dear friend gave me a yard of bee fabric! I love when things like that happen. Here are the little coasters I made for Raymond’s bee helper:

And here is a little tissue holder that I made for Carolyn for her generosity.

Aren’t they cute!  And I still have most of the yard left to play with. The bees seem to be happy in their new home and have been building wax combs like crazy. Hopefully, we will have lots of honey next year and every year from then on.


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