Time “March”es On

I am surprised to see that it has been a month since my last post. I am sure that I have been up to something or other in that time, so I will try to re-trace my steps and share all the high points with you.

On February 23rd I attended my second One Fabric Workshop taught by Dawn H.  I happened to find a lovely, if a bit boring,  border print by Ginny Byer to use in the class. Once the planning and cutting began, I found that I liked the fabric a whole lot more than in the beginning.  Here are some pictures of everyone’s projects at the workshop:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here Is my quiltlet a few days after the workshop. I love how the blocks seem to bloom with near-symmetry. I plan on making more blocks until I have 5×5 or maybe 5×6, then I will use some of the fabric as a striped border and make a quilt for the guest room bed. There is a lot of fabric, so I will probably have enough to make little table topper quilts for the night stands and maybe a throw pillow or two to match.



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