Quilt Show at Pigeon Forge

Last Friday, I went with a car full of quilters from my Crazy Quilters guild to Pigeon Forge to see the quilt show. It was a very long day, but worth every minute. There were beautiful quilts and vendors selling so many interesting things. Here are a few pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notice, one of the quilts uses the same fabric as I used in my one fabric workshop quilt. Isn’t that interesting!

The show took place at two different convention centers and these are the pictures I took at the first stop. I left my camera in the car after lunch so I don’t have pictures of the second group of quilts. My friend Sharon had her camera though and I am hoping to get copies to post here soon.

And here is the cutest mug rug that my friend Sharon G. made for all us gals who went on the little road trip. I don’t think I can bear actually putting a mug on it though — I would hate to spill coffee or tea on it. I think this gal will hang on my wall instead to remind me of friends.


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