History Sock Update

I think I mentioned some time ago that I wanted to make a pair of socks using up all the extra bits of yarn from socks already made. Well, I have been stitching away slowly at these socks and am so happy to say they are finally done. They are the kind of socks one would have to say are so ugly they are cute. I love them and am looking forward to wearing them and telling their story.

They yarn in them is from the first five pairs of socks I have made. From the top down, You can see the stripes of different yarns in the same order as the pairs of socks that I made. I had a lot more of some yarn than others and tried to make as pleasing arrangement of stripes as possible.  I made the leg part of the socks longer (10″ rather than the usual 7″) hoping they would be like knee highs, but alas, my calves are too well endowed for them to stretch over. They will be great slouchy socks though. Here they are:

And here is one of them inside out showing all the ends of yarn that had to be woven in and snipped. This was a lot of fun to do. I wonder what my next pair of history socks will look like. I guess I better get stitching so I can find out!


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