Valentine’s Day

Towards the end of January, I had this big idea about Valentine’s day. Some people go wild over Christmas, some get totally crazy about Halloween, and some love the patriotic holidays best.  I have never had a favorite one, but enjoyed them all. Now though, I think maybe Valentine’s day is the best holiday.

So I decided to invent my own tradition and celebrate the 12 days of Valentines like they have the 12 days of Christmas. Next year I think I will simplify it and go for 14 days.

So, every day for the first few days I gave Raymond a little homemade valentine card. I stuck them in his lunch, or by his pillow or computer. Then for a few days, I gave him little boxes of chocolate covered cherries (his favorites) for him. He was surprised every time.

I had so much fun planning and making all the little valentines. On the big Valentine’s day, I wrapped up this little wall hanging that I made for him. Of course I finished it at the last minute. Here is a picture:

And here is what I got for Valentine’s Day:

I love this! He actually gave me two of them because I love the heart shaped tin so much. I think they would be great for carrying stitching tools or perhaps a hand-work project. I also loved the Dove truffle chocolates inside.

He gave me the first tin a few days after he started getting valentines. This was perfect as I was trying to figure out how to make the two entwined hearts on the wall hanging and not having any luck with symetrical hearts. I actually traced the tin to get the first shape and reversed it for the second. They go together perfectly and create the third heart, which is a wonderful representation of our love.

I think we are going to like this new favorite holiday, and I would not be at all surprised to find out that Valentine’s day comes along more often than once a year.  I hope it was a good day for you too!

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