Almost a finish

I started working on Dutch Treat blocks from the book Dutch Treat by Judy Garden  early in 2004.  I was intrigued by the reverse applique technique and wanted to try my hand at it.

I enlarged the blocks a bit from 4″ to 6″ and decided to use a couple of bundles of fat quarters that I had picked up at a quilt show. One was an assortment of white and off white prints while the other was from a collection called Age of Innocence by Sharlene Jorgenson. I decided I would make as many blocks as I could before I ran out of fabric. Luckily along the way, I found a couple yards of two of the fabrics that I could use as sashing and borders.

I even made myself a little block caddy to carry them around in along with all the little necessary tools.

For a year or so, I was hardly ever without a block in my hand eagerly stitching away at one after another. As I neared the end of my fabric, I became a bit disenchanted in the blocks because the combinations of light medium and dark just didn’t seem to mesh as I had expected. I love the fabrics, but I think they would have looked better in a different type of quilt where they weren’t hidden under the whites so much and could really be seen. Then the blocks got set aside. Then we moved to Tennessee and they got put in a drawer and pretty much forgotten.

Well, when I came across them last month while making my ufo list, I realized that all the blocks were finished except a few small bits on one.  I put the finished ones up on the wall and finally came up with an on-point setting that looked OK. I took my time finishing the last block and re-arranging the blocks on the wall trying to get the arrangement as balanced as possible.  Over the last week, I cut sashing and border strips and sewed everything together. Yesterday, I got the last border on. Today, I pieced the binding so it will be ready to put on once I choose the backing and do the quilting. Here is a picture:

It measures about 59×68″. I guess it is big enough for a couch throw. And here is a close up of a few blocks:

I must admit that I am not in love with this quilt, but I like it a lot more now that it is together than I did before. I loved stitching the reverse applique. It is a great technique, and I think I might try it again using the freezer paper method that I learned from Vicky during Girl Gang. And it does feel good having such an old UFO this close to being finished.


3 thoughts on “Almost a finish

    • raynbeaugirl says:

      I enjoyed doing it. I think you are right about the fabric. Or if I had put the whites in the back and had the different prints on top may have looked better. Anyway, it is almost finished, and that is one index card I can almost toss and one line in the spreadsheet that I can almost delete.

  1. Sandi says:

    I love doing reverse applique too. I know what you mean about not enough contrast. When you put that much work into blocks you want them to really sing. However, I really like the soft look/feel you get from those blocks. Lots of beautiful work, Linda.

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