2010 In Review

I was just fiddling around in Picassa and figured out how to make a photo collage, so it seemed appropriate to make one of all the things I finished last year. It is pretty cool being able to make the collage, but also a bit sad at how few things I actually finished. Have a look:

I guess now I should go through 2009 and 2008 and see what I finished in them. Maybe 2010 is a big improvement.

So, I went back and made a 2009 collage. I looked at 2008 and earlier years, but the pictures are  organized differently, and I will have to do some digging and sorting to find them all. Here is 2009 though:

I made a lot more little things in 2009, except for the green quilt of course. Seems like I could have made a lot more. Well, this year I can work on improving that.  As I am looking at these two collages, I notice that there are a few little things not pictured. I guess I didn’t photo everything. Well, that’s another thing to try to improve this year.


2 thoughts on “2010 In Review

    • raynbeaugirl says:

      Thanks. I went through my shelves and bins and drawers and counted up all my ufo’s and (not counting those old cq ufos) I have around 63! I am really going to try to get some of those finished this year so I can make room for more.

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