Winter Wonderland

Hasn’t this been the strangest weather yet? I woke up this morning to a dramatic change in the view:

This was just as the sun was trying to come up. There was no snow when I went to bed.

See all those stars sparkling in the night sky? Well, actually they are snowflakes reflecting the camera flash in the predawn.

Here is the back porch with a little more light. The snow is still falling.

A view out the front window. Nobody is moving today. No work, no school.

Another view from the front. You can hardly make out the steps from the mailbox to the front door.

Sure is pretty, though. Glad I am inside and warm. Happy day to you.

3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

    • raynbeaugirl says:

      I went out just before dark and stuck a ruler in the snow on the edge of the deck and it measured about 6″. Now it is snowing again, so who knows what we will have tomorrow. Raymond already got the call that there is no school tomorrow. At least it is not windy and bitter cold.

  1. radiantreader says:

    First time I’ve visited your blog in quite awhile. These are great pictures. The snow is pretty isn’t it? It’s good to read about your adventures. The cats are looking well. And so does Raymond. Nice pajama pants. What did you get for Christmas?

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