Happy New Year

My latest pair of socks. I followed the same pattern as all the others, except I only made the ribbing on the cuff about an inch instead of the whole cuff. This is pair #6, although technically since I didn’t finish pair #5 these should be five, but I am going to fix that soon.I tried to get these done before the end of the year, but found myself finishing them on New Year’s Day. I guess that is close enough. I am not happy with the difference in striping, although I am not terribly upset about it. They are kind of quirky and whimsical. I wonder if I grabbed two different dye lots. I guess they are close enough — how much sock can be seen between crocs and pant-legs anyway. They are warm and comfy. I got this yarn at Joanns.

Tonight I started the next pair which I am calling my “history socks.” They will be scrappy socks using up all the bits from the pairs I have made so far. I will use the bits in the same order as I made the first pairs of socks, so these will be a record of the order in which I made them. I will start with the leftover yarn from these:

I had a lot of yarn left over from these, so I may get most of the cuffs done before I switch to the leftover yarn from these:

There was hardly any left from this skein, so I may only get a couple of rows from it. Next will be the leftover yarn from these:

Next will be from these:

There is quite a bit left from these, so they will be a wide stripe.

Finally, I will use the leftovers of the blue ones I just finished. I don’t know if there is enough of these leftovers so far to make a whole pair of socks, but if not, I will just set them aside till I get more leftovers.

I am attempting to knit both socks at the same time on two circular needles. I have cast on and knitted the first round on both socks. I think once I get the hang of it, it will go pretty quick.

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Next time I come to Chattynooga I want you to teach me to make socks! I am going to make poiple ones! I don’t have the attention span to read and follow the directions… wanderi

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