Merry Christmas

I guess the big news this morning is snow snow snow!

So beautiful!

I made Raymond another pair of flannel pants to wear around the house. This time I think I got the size right. he seems to like them.

Jenny and family sent us a bunch of chocolate goodies, all that survived long enough for a photo is the chocolate babka. Wow. I never had chocolate bread before, but this is really yummy. Perfect for a Christmas breakfast.

If you want some, better get over here fast.

Oh and the Ericksons sent Raymond a big pack of pastrami, which is sitting in the fridge waiting for some really good bread to make it into sandwiches. Probably that onion rye at Publix will be perfect, but I think we will wait a day or two till the holiday crowds dwindle.


One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. Hey Linda, Whose the cute guy in the sexy pants? LOL! Such a good idea.. I am going to make me some of those for myself. I see cute flannel all the time and think what I would make out of it.. I have some cool pansy stuff I bought for the back of my crazy quilt but I am rethinking that and may just go with some dupioni and bead the back. Hey.. I got a whole month.. well three weeks. Gonna finish the embellishments this weekend. Well on the way.

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