It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

This shows the first snow of the season. The next day we got some more and it has been very cold, but the snow is all gone and I didn’t think to take a picture when it was at it’s heaviest.

Here are Zeena and Max snuggled up with Santa. Aren’t they sweet!

This year we got a little Christmas tree and have decorated it a bit. In previous years, Raymond hung lights on the outside of the house, but this is the first year he wanted to have a tree. I think he got a bit of Xmas spirit when we were visiting the family up north. Jenny put up her tree the day after Thanksgiving and started decorating. I think some of that holiday excitement rubbed off on RB.

Anyway, since we had a tree, I figured I should make a tree skirt for it so it wouldn’t look naked all by itself. Here is the tree with a few  decorations. We got some ‘shatter-proof’ sparkly balls for it hoping the cats wouldn’t decide to break anything. So far, they have not shown the least bit of interest in the ornaments.

On one of my mail lists (Stashbusters) someone mentioned the ten minute block and listed a link to a video showing how to make it. I found it very interesting and decided to try it out on a tree skirt. It is actually quite similar to the way I did Jenny’s tree skirt, only with larger blocks which make it a quicker finish. And the blocks are easier to work with in the larger size.

Here is the finished skirt pinned to the design wall. I used smaller squares of fabric, but followed the video pretty much exactly.That lighter green fabric is from Hancock’s of Paducah!

And here it is with the tree:

Isn’t it cute! As you can probably tell, we ran out of garland for the bottom part of the tree, but will remedy that soon.  It only took about three days start to finish. And with the left over fabric I made a little table mat and a couple of coasters.

How festive is that!



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