Xmas Tree Skirt

I couldn’t mention this while I was making it because that would have spoiled the surprise when I gave it to my daughter. I started this tree skirt last year while playing around with bow tie blocks. I had learned a technique to make the knot of the bow kind of three dimensional and decided to use up some Xmas fabrics making scrappy bow tie blocks.

Eventually, I had enough blocks for a real project and wondered what do do with them. I remembered that Jenny had mentioned wanting a tree skirt a couple years before, and although I figured she had gotten one by then, she might just like a quilty one anyway.  So when we decided to go to Illinois for the holiday, I knew it was time to finish it.  She likes to start decorating for Xmas right after Thanksgiving, so the timing was perfect.

I had to study the bow tie blocks for a few days before finding the best layout, but after that it sewed up quickly. I did some simple straight line quilting and put the binding on. I left an opening to allow wrapping around the tree and added loops for buttons to hold it together. I think it turned out pretty nice. Jenny and SIL Christopher liked it.  Here is a picture laying on my floor:

This is a close up showing the quilting and buttons. I used an assortment of big gold buttons to keep the scrappy look going.

Here is a picture of the skirt under the tree the day after Thanksgiving. I hope we get another picture once all the ornaments are on. I would love to see how it looks all dressed up.

I like how this turned out, although I think if I made another one I would use fewer fabrics with more contrast between them so the bow ties would be more clearly defined. I love that gold fabric and wish I had gotten a bolt of it when I found it a couple of years ago.

Oh, and I also gave them the big Santa hanging that I made last year so they can hang it on their front door or somewhere in the house. It was made from a panel that one of my quilting friends from Florida, Dorothy Eastwood,  gave me before I left. Here is a picture of that.

Isn’t he cute! I hope Jenny sends me a picture of him hanging in her house.


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