Birthday Goodies

This year my birthday was on Thanksgiving. I have a lot to say about Thanksgiving, but right now I am just posting pictures of all the stuff I got for my birthday and from quilt shops on the way to Thanksgiving at my daughter’s house. I wanted to get the pictures up so that later I can refer back to them. It was a very good year, gift wise.

First picture is all the stuff I bought at Hancock of Paducah’s. I got two yards of the red and yellow pepper fabric to use in the kitchen, one yard of that odd geometric print on the other end from the peppers, half a yard of the three batkis in the middle and a yard of the landscape piece hanging above the other fabrics. The other bundles are bolt ends that were stuffed into a couple of scrap bags that I got fhr $3 each. That seems like a lot of fabric to me. There are enough of the abc blocks to make a whole alphabet quilt which will be perfect for a Project Linus quilt.

Second picture is fabrics that my friend Lynn gave me. She has been collecting them for a long time and decided I might use them quicker than she would. The yellow fabric is vintage. Her mother got it when she was a baby to make curtains for her room. Is that cool or what! Lynn has a great eye for color and matching various patterns. All the fabrics below the yellow coordinate nicely.

Third picture is all the stuff my daughter gave me. Imagine a non-quilter/non-sewer browsing a quilt shop and picking up fat quarters and eights that she thought might appeal to me. How cool is that. She even got a bundle of coordinated 5″ charm squares. I love every bit of the fabric. And to top it all off, she also gave me the cool little scrapbook with all kinds of things to make perfect scrapbook pages. I wonder what the theme of it will be?

Fourth picture is all stuff my sister gave me for my birthday: A cool stone bead necklace, a cute little quick journal, a carved wooden November angel, a very cool reproduction of an antique sewing tool – it is a pin cushion and clamps on to a table and can act as a third hand.

Then while we were out and about, she got me all this stuff from the Birds and the Teas shop that our friend Lorraine runs. A pack of Chinese tea for Raymond, some Bush tea for me, a couple of very cool tea difusing baskets, and lemon and raspberry curd. I love that stuff.

I think I can totally skip Christmas this year after this great birthday haul!

But wait, there’s more. . .

Jenny also gave me a couple of very nice thrift store shirts and a silk tie! The silver blouse looks like it is snakeskin. What a great texture for crazy quilting.

Finally, two more pieces of fabric that I got in Joliet, IL at Robert’s Sew and Vac. That green stripe was discounted to $4 per yard. I got four yards and plan to use it for leaves in my next tree of life quilt.

So, thats all for now. I will be back with more information on the great Thanksgiving adventure soon.




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