Another One-derful quilt

I had another striped fabric at home and decided  to see if I could remember what I learned in Dawn’s class. Here is a picture of the fabric:

and here is a close up that is close to what the squares looked like before the diagonal cuts:

and here is the finished quilt top:

Pretty cool, huh? It measures 61″x75″ which is a nice sized throw, an used up almost every bit of the four yard piece of fabric. I cut it all out and sewed it in two days. Woo Hoo! Now I have to find something for the back and get it quilted.  Oh yeah, there are three errors in the construction. I am debating whether to correct them or not. Can you see them?

I really like this technique and will be on the look out for more striped fabrics to use it on.

2 thoughts on “Another One-derful quilt

  1. Oh I like it. Are the book instructions clear and concise?

    I looked for errors (as requested) but don’t see a thing probably because we can’t enlarge the photo. I think it’s “perfect”.

  2. Sharon says:

    Linda it is awesome. Now if I can get mine together I am anxious to see how it turns out. I will let you know and thanks for the help.


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