A Cute Accessory

Last month, I made a serger scrap bag for my friend Sharon for her birthday. I used a nice Autumn fabric of orange maple leaves, but gave it to her before thinking to take a picture. Maybe the next time I am over at her house I will remember to take my camera. If so, I will share it with you.

Anyway, after my sort-of success with the two test shirts, I decided I should have a scrap bag for my serger too. That is from another Butterick pattern – B5368. It has instructions for an assortment of sewing room accessories.

The scrap bag only has two pattern pieces, and is very simple to put together. It only took about an hour to cut and sew it. I used the same gray and tan fabrics that I used for my sewing machine mat.  The only difference from the one I made for Sharon is that I put some batting in the bottom section. The pattern wanted a piece of boning to put in the top edge of the bag to hold it open. I didn’t have any boning, but used a piece of 1/4″ clear vinyl hose that I had left over from another project. Here is my new scrap bag:

Isn’t it cute! The serger has a blade that trims the fabric just before it gets to the needles which sew and overcast the seam. The strip of trimmed fabric falls down the front and was landing on my floor till now. Well, I had a wastebasket under the table and tried to catch the scraps in that, but usually they fell on the floor anyway. Now they will go right into the bag and my floor will stay a little cleaner.

Another one of the sewing accessories in this pattern is a cover for the serger. I am thinking of making that too to keep the serger dust free between uses.


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