Color Mastery Workshop

Last Wednesday my Crazy Quilter’s guild had a workshop with Maria Peagler. It was wonderful. The class was opened up to several other local guilds and we ended up with about 70 attendees. I was on the program committee and got to help set up for the class. We also got to have dinner with the teacher the night before. That was great.  Here is a picture of the committee with Maria before the workshop began:

From left to right: Sandi, Judith, Maria, Sharon and me (Sandi’s husband also helped set up and took pictures for us).

Here is a photo of Judith, our Program Committee Chairperson,  introducing Maria:

This shows most of the attendees. What a full room!

And here is Sharon, Dawn and me making our color wheels. What fun. After the workshop, I was kind of kicking myself for not getting Maria’s book, but luckily I found a copy at Joann’s a couple days later. I guess I thought I probably knew as much as I needed about color and quilting, but this workshop showed me I was wrong. I am reading Color Mastery cover to cover. It is very interesting and full of great tips. I am sure my quilt planning will improve tremendously. Look for Maria’s website in my links to find out more.


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