Charity Quilt Experiment

Both of the guilds that I belong to have community service projects to make quilts for children. You may recall the yellow quilt that starred in a recent post. Well, I am working on another charity quilt and if it turns out OK, I have enough pieces already cut to make several.

Way before we even moved from Florida, I had cut up just about all my novelty fabric into 9″x2″strips and sewed them all together in pair with the intention of making them into weed wacker quilts.  The Weed Wacker quilt is a wonderful scrappy design by Bonnie Hunter at She has quite a few interesting quilt designs for scrap quilts and I really like the weed wacker. Some time ago, I put one together in scrappy pinks that you can see if you click on the weed wacker category and go to that post. Anyway, I pre-pared the strips to save packing space when we moved.

Because a lot of the fabrics were blue I thought yellow would be good for the accent color and as it happened I had a hunk of a yellow gold that I had gotten to audition but didn’t use for the pineapples in the Girl Gang quilt. I calculated that I would have enough for this project, but of course ended up going to the store and getting a couple more yards. Here is what I have so far:

Once the sections are sewn together, they will have a kind of pinwheel look to them. I must admit that I am not loving this yellow with the other fabrics yet, but hoping that once they are together that quilt magic will happen and surprise me as it so often does. I sure hope so, because I have a lot of these pairs of strips already sewn together and they are fun to sew.  I put them on the wall so that I can  move them around until they look more balanced.  I love all these novelty fabrics and mixing them together like “I spy” quilts.


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