Let’s Twist Again

I dug around and found a left over 7.5″ square of Plexiglas and did some calculations and tried to make a twist project with larger blocks. I made a four patch of 9″ blocks of these two daisy fabrics and bordered them with 6 inch wide blue fabric. Then I marked the off center lines on the Plexiglas, cut out the blocks, and re-assembled them. First off, I see that I need more contrast between the inside fabrics, but otherwise, it turned out OK. I could see making a throw sized quilt out of these bigger blocks.  The stitch up fast, and have such nice sharp corners.

After I got that far, I was ready for something else. I happened to find the perfect fabric for the border on the class project. A nice medium green. so I cut 2″ strips and added them. Here is the result:

A little quilting and a binding and this will be a cute little table cover.

I have been knitting on my fourth pair of socks for the last couple of weeks. I will have to get a picture for you. I found this nice yarn at Sew Bee It quilt shop. It has red, peach, eggplant, and green. I know that sounds a little weird, but it stripes up nicely. It even has some kind of sparkly bits here and there, so it is quite festive. I just turned the heel on the first sock and am working on the gusset shaping now.  Maybe I can get a picture tomorrow.


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