Girl Gang Update

Today, I finally got back to working on my girl gang block of the month. I am a month behind at the moment, but hope to get caught up before the next meeting. The hold-up was mostly waiting to find the right fabric for the pineapples on the latest section of the quilt. I tried several different yellow, orange and tannish fabrics, and although they would ‘do’ they weren’t perfect. Last Friday at the Girl Gang meeting at Sew Bee It quilt shop, I wandered the store until I found a batik that insisted on being the pineapples.

Then I had to do some work to get ready for the Choo Choo guild meeting Monday evening, and spent yesterday working on the pinwheel project in the previous post.

Finally, today I cut the pieces for the applique and ironed them to the freezer paper templates that I made and glued the pieces to the background. Here is a picture:

The background fabric is the same as the night side of the center block. The red hearts are the same fabric as the roof of the house. The pineapple leaves are the same fabric as the leaves on the trees in the center block and the pineapples are the new batik I found. Here is a closer picture:

Oh, and the star is the same fabric as the star on the basket in the lower right corner. It is also used for the circles behing the hearts in the corner blocks. The original pattern has stars everywhere I have put hearts — on the corner blocks and between the pineapples, but I decided I like hearts more.

I am thinking of repeating the pineapples on the bottom section rather than making the houses and people on the pattern. Either way it is a lot of applique stitching this month.


One thought on “Girl Gang Update

  1. Sharon says:

    Oh Linda it is beautiful!!!!! You are not going to believe this but I have the same pineapple fabric….. Now I wonder how many of us are oing to have the same. I will look and see if I have something else I can use but it is grogeous…..

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