Pushing Up Spring update

I got all the background blocks pieced and now they fit on the design wall.  Here is what it looks like now:

I started the applique for the first three blocks. This picture only shows the first one, but I will get around to taking more pictures soon. The applique pieces still need to be stitched down – at the moment, they are only glued, but it is a beginning. I had to take them all off the wall so I could get back to my Girl Gang quilt.  But I am glad to have gotten this far.


3 thoughts on “Pushing Up Spring update

  1. Hai Linda (Or should I call you Towanda?),

    I loved your weblog very much. You make wonderful things! On your blog of august 7th I noticed that you started the Apple Blossom quils Pushing up Spring. I too have been collecting the parts from her web, but I’m missing part 15 and 16. Are they still to come? Or have I missed them indeed. If you are in the possesion of those two last parts, maybe you can help me out and send them to me? I would be very gratefull!

    Thanks again!
    Greetings Margo

    • raynbeaugirl says:

      Hi Margo,

      Thanks for the nice comments on my blog. Glad you like it. I am working on the Pushing Up Spring block of the month. If you go to the Apple Blossom Quilts website and sign up for their newsletter, you get a notice and link every month on the 15th for the next block. In August we got block 15 and this month we should be getting the 16th and last one. If I remember correctly, all the previous months are still accessible. I don’t think you can get to it directly from the website – only through the link in the newsletter. Good luck. It is a beautiful design.

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