More Socks!

I just finished my third pair of socks. These are from some yarn that my friend Sharon gave me a while back. There were two balls of yarn, so I dug up a second set of needles and made both socks at the same time, alternating back and forth when the pattern changed. That was kind of fun. It is an interesting combination of colors: purple, green peach and a little white and it knits up kind of tweedy, which I think looks good. Here is the picture:

This yarn is 41 percent cotton, 39 percent wool, 13 percent nylon and 7 percent elastic.  This is the first time I worked with elastic in the yarn, and I like it, although it feels a little less soft than the yarn in the two previous pairs of socks. Still, when I slipped my feet in, they were just as warm and comfortable. I would use this again.

I have been thinking of an interesting project to use the left over bits of yarn from the socks. What if I made more socks! I could start two socks at once again and divide each kind of left over yarn in half so that there would be some in each sock, kind of like stripes and knit till it ran out.  Then, I could add on the next kind of yarn and continue.  I would use the yarns in the order of knitting. They would be pretty wild looking but what a fun and whimsical way to record my sock knitting history.  Of course, I would leave out a little bit (maybe a yard or two) of each yarn just in case I had to repair the socks if they started wearing out, but there seems to be quite a bit of extra yarn from each pair so far.


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