Catsup, Ketchup, or just Catching Up

I have been busy since the last post.

I finished the pink socks and started a new pair. No pictures of the new ones yet. And the other pink one looks just like the first, so go back a post if you want a reminder.

I got another step done in the P3 Designs mystery block of the month. Here is a picture of my progress:

All we had to do this month is sew together blocks made in the previous months. Isn’t that cute. There are four more star blocks like the one in the center, so they may go in the corners on the next round, but I guess we will have to wait and see.

My girl gang meets tomorrow, and it took me till Monday to settle down and start working on  the corner blocks. There are suppose to be stars in three blocks and the basket in the fourth. I decided to use hearts instead of stars, but I did make one star and put it on the basket. The green border on the three blocks is the same fabric as the lawn by the house and the dark border is the same as the sashing around the center block. The red for the hearts is the same fabric as the front door on the house. There is a blue print square behind a yellow print circle behind the hearts, and the yellow star is the same fabric as the yellow circles.

I think this turned out pretty good.

At the Crazy Quilters guild meeting yesterday, we got our next block of the month pattern and I went home and made it.  It went together quickly and I like it.

I am still using the assortment of light floral fabrics that I set aside for these blocks. This one could probably have benefited from a little more contrast, but I like the way the fabrics sort of blend into each other making the pattern rather subtle.

I also worked on the black and white blocks for the cuddle quilt challenge for my Choo Choo Guild, but I was short one dark fabric so I didn’t take any pictures yet. I found a suitable fabric at Hobby Lobby yesterday, so maybe today I will finish the blocks and take pictures.

I also started a new project (like I need another one) using 2 1/2″ squares of assorted prints. I cut up almost all my smaller pieces of purples for this project, and ended up with enough to probably make a queen sized quilt. I have a couple of sample blocks put together testing light and dark backgrounds, but haven’t taken pictures of those either. Maybe I will have pictures to post of them soon.

So, now you are ‘ketched-uped.”

2 thoughts on “Catsup, Ketchup, or just Catching Up

  1. Everything is so beautiful, the two quilts are so different in color, but both are so awesome. Your block of the month is really nice too. I love all your colors.

  2. Sharon says:

    Oh you are doing really great with all of your boms and knitting. I sure do miss our Monday stitch-ins…How is the garden growing????


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