Odds and Ends; This, That and the Other Thing…

Well, life is pretty quiet here in paradise, which is just fine with me.  Summer has come on full force and we finally gave in and turned on the air conditioning. I enjoyed the few weeks when we could have the windows open and enjoy the fresh air.

Raymond’s garden is flourishing. We had the last of his Romaine lettuce and the first cucumber of the year in last night’s salad. Delicious. Nothing better than fresh, home-grown produce. We can see baby squash, tomatoes, peppers and okra popping out and I look forward to their enhancing our meals. Well, except for the okra. I haven’t yet developed a love of that particular vegetable yet, but you never know. Life is long and tastes change.

I have been making progress in the sewing room like a butterfly — flitting from one project to another, making a little progress then moving on. I have a ton of things to finish and keep coming up with ideas for new things. All the horizontal surfaces, including some of the floor is arrayed with fabric, books, magazines, etc. I know it is a sign of industry, but some days I don’t even go in just to avoid looking at the mess.

Lately, my friend Sharon was whittling down her huge fabric stash and gifted me with several nice pieces of garment worthy fabrics, so I am planning and plotting to make a few shirts along with all the quilting projects.  That prompted me to dig into the bins of garment type fabric I have been hoarding and sort everything out. So far the results are in big piles all over the floor. Eventually, I will have some nice new additions to my wardrobe.


I am caught up with my guild blocks of the month. Here is what I have so far. The column on the right is my Crazy Quilters Guild blocks and the column on the left are from a guild BOM that Sharon belongs to and she tells each month what block to make. They are free patterns from the internet. I am trying to use an assortment of floral prints that I have accumulated for these blocks. Hopefully, They will all go into a quilt eventually.

I am doing another BOM from P3Designs. (I just put a link to the website in my links section if you want to find out more) It is a mystery quilt that is pieced with some applique, and there have been two months so far.

It caught my eye because the first block uses the tri rec rulers. My friend, Willa, gave me the rulers a few years ago, and this is my first time using them. I also liked that I could find fabrics in my stash to sort-of match the requirements of the BOM. I did have to get a couple yards of one background fabric, but the rest is all from stash. We had to make five of the star blocks and four of the tulip blocks. The next installment should be coming along in the next few days. I wonder what it will be.


I finished another sock. This pair is made out of a lovely bamboo and nylon yarn and I love the feel and look of it. Here is sock 1:

I think it took about two weeks from start to end. I think I like this one even better than the striped ones. I know I will have toasty toes this winter.

So that is about all. Tomorrow is my Crazy Quilter’s guild meeting. It is the guild birthday party and should be lots of fun.


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