Socks Update

Today I finished my second sock. This is the first pair of socks I have ever knitted and I am very happy with them.

This is them on my feet! I am so happy that the stripes lined up so well. I think in a previous post I said that one stripe was rust colored. Actually it is more of a copper. I am going to have to go shopping to find something to wear with turquoise, copper and purple socks.

This is them off my feet showing one side. The bottom one looks a little bigger, but I think that is because it is the first one and I have had it on my foot a few times so maybe it stretched out a little. Or maybe my tension was different for one than for the other.

This is the other side of both. The bottom one is the first sock.

This has the top of one sock and the bottom of the other. I love my socks.  And they are very warm too.

My last lesson is this coming Thursday. We are suppose to have the first sock knitted up to the toes so the teacher can show us the kitchner stitch. I couldn’t wait till then, so looked up some youtube videos that explained the technique. She is going to be so surprised that I have them both done!

I can’t wait to see what yarn I pick out for the next pair.


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