On the other hand, no wait I mean foot…

I read several blogs and know people who really enjoy knitting socks. Over the years, I have attempted to teach myself this handy little skill to no avail.

Last month I decided to take the class my local quilt shop was offering in sock knitting. It is a three session class, one session a month. In the first class we (two brave knitters and myself) learned how to start the sock from the top by casting onto three tiny size 2 double pointed needles. I have worked with two needles before and even one long circular needle, but could not figure out the double pointed ones on my own. It is an awkward juggle in the beginning, but after a few rounds, it gets easier.

Before the next class, which is in about two weeks, we are suppose to have rib knitted the cuff to seven inches. Mine is about half way now and I wanted to share a picture of my progress.

This yarn is a blend of bamboo, wool and nylon and is made sturdy for socks. I love the colors, although they had so many beautiful color combinations that it was hard to choose one. I hope I end up liking sock making if only to play with more of the lovely yarns. Although if it takes three months to make one sock, that adds up to two pair a year. Hopefully, subsequent socks will go a little quicker.

At the next class, we will learn how to ‘turn the heal.”


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