A Little Diversion

My friend Lynn is about to be a grandmother for the first time and asked me to make a quilt for the soon to arrive little boy. I started looking through my magazines for an idea for a quilt and saw several hunter’s star quilts that really caught my imagination. I had a lesson on this block a few years ago in my guild in Florida and it seemed pretty simple and looks rather complicated. So I dug out the handout from that lesson and fiddled around on EQ5 to try out borders and all that. Then I started cutting up the different fabrics. Then I started sewing the bits together and before I knew it, all 20 blocks were done and trimmed up. I stuck them up on the design wall, and here they are:

It doesn’t show well in the picture, but the lighter fabric has little pictures of Pooh and his little buddies. Some of the blue is a solid and some is a nice check that looks kind of woven. I haven’t added the borders – there will be a 1″ blue border then a 3″ outer border made out of the print. I should get the blocks sewn together tomorrow and may even get the borders on. I had to stop today because I ran out of white thread!


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