Girl Gang Block 3 Nearly Done

Once I got over the hesitation of choosing fabrics for the first two blocks, this one seems like a breeze. I love the freezer paper technique I learned for this. It makes the whole process very smooth. Here is a picture of block three atop the first two blocks:

See the red flowers and the chicken up there on the top? Kinda cute, eh. Whimsical and primitive at their best. I have one and a half of the flowers stitched down so far. The same thing may go at the bottom. The original pattern has three wonky bee hives in the section below the house, but I may decide to repeat the top section because the bee hives are very “whimsical.” The subtly mottled batik fabrid above and below the house will also appear as the background for panels to the left and right. They have flowers and birds too.

So that is the Girl Gang update for March. I wonder which section we will do for April.


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