Guild Block of the Month

My Crazy Quilters Guild is having a block of the month challenge this year. We got the pattern for the first block in January. I managed to get it done a couple weeks early – our next meeting is this coming Wednesday.This block is called ‘star and crown.’ I am very surprised at how easily it went together even with all the pointy pieces. And it came out to 12/5″ just like it was suppose to! Wowee!

I decided to try to coordinate these blocks of the month so that eventually I might make a quilt out of them. Looking through my fabrics, I found several nice floral prints that could go pretty well together. I figure if I use half a dozen different florals and make two blocks from each, as well as using a plain muslin for all the backgrounds, that they might just blend together. Using the florals in some kind of fancy sashing after the blocks are done will also help coordinate them. Of course I still have 11 blocks to go. They may not all be as friendly as this first one. Anyway, here is a picture of star and crown:

Isn’t it cute? Very springy I think.


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