Girl Gang Block of the Month

I joined a group at Sew Bee It quilt shop called Girl Gang. They meet once a month to work on a quilts designed by Jan Patek a block at a time and it sounded like fun, so I decided to give it a try. The quilt this year is called Sunny Days. I am told it is whimsical and primitive. It is definitely different from anything I have tried so far. Here is a picture of the finished quilt:

The January and February blocks combine to for the center block of the quilt. It has a house, a couple of trees and a dog. The sky background is split into night and day, and there is a moon on the dark side.

I am challenged so far in what fabrics to choose, so I thought I might take pictures of different combinations and post them here and get some input from my readers. (This will be an interesting experiment to see if I have any readers, LOL).

I am pretty settled on everything except the day sky fabric (and maybe the roof).

Anyway here are three different versions:

Exhibit A: This light blue is pretty old. I think it is part polyester, and it has tiny white dots on it that you can’t see except close up. It definitely is light enough, but I wonder if it is too bright or too solid looking for the other fabrics.

Exhibit B: This light blue is a new fabric that I got the same time as the night sky blue fabric. They are from the same line. I kind of like the splotches in them both that look like clouds.  This one is a little darker, but it may be better to accent the light fabrics of the house. If I go with this light blue, I would probably change the roof to some print with a little purple in it to pick up the lavender in the sky.

Exhibit C: This is another old fabric. I like it for the sky, but it looks kind of dated and may not play well with the other fabrics. Also, it may be too light to compliment the house fabrics.

What do you think?

Which one of these looks best to you?

Should I go shopping for something else?

Just so you have a better idea of the completed block, here is a picture with everything but the trees and dog pinned to it. The pieces are all rough, the seam allowances are not turned under, but you can get an idea from it:


2 thoughts on “Girl Gang Block of the Month

  1. Hey lady I have to tell you that I like “B” the best.
    I think A has too lite of a blue and I do not think that “C” compliments the rest of the block… But for me I think that “B” is perfect. I think that they both compliment each other but that is just my opinion. Remember it is your quilt and you can make the sky beige if you want to. Hugs Sharon

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