First Finish

A couple days ago, I decided it was really time to make me another bag. I have a wonderful bag that my friend Clarice made from vinyl mesh and jeans. It has lots of pockets and room to keep just about everything, but I think I want something smaller for a while. I remembered a class from my Florida Guild, Seaside Piecemakers, in which was made a cute folded fabric bag and decided to try to make another one of those. I picked out a nice purple floral print and black for the lining and started folding and stitching. Here is the result:

The fabric is so busy, that you can’t see the flap and front pocket. Here is another picture with the flap flipped up:

This one ended up about as wide as the denim bag, which surprised me, but it’s not nearly as tall. I was happy that I could remember how to do this almost completely without looking at the instructions. And then when I was unsure about the straps, I was just as happy to discover that I had put the directions where I could find them.

The only drawback on this bag is that there are not pockets on the inside. If I had thought it through, I could have added some early on, but I didn’t. So now I am thinking of adding some inside pockets which I guess will require hand stitching them in. That may take a while.

This may be the year of the bag around here because I have another bag started that I found in a recent magazine. Here is the picture of it:

It is called Love To Quilt Project Tote and is in the February issue of American Patchwork & Quilting. I have the applique block finished. It is fused and machine stitched with invisible thread. Here it is:

My floral fabric has various shades of pink roses and some purple flowers that look like lilacs. The leaves on the print are more of a teal than green, and I found almost the exact shades for the leaves in this applique. This block is 12″ and will become an outside pocket on the tote. It is a lot bigger than what I would want for a daily use purse, so the purple bag will be well used.  I plan on adding a few more pockets on the inside of this one, too.

My friend, Sharon Griffith, and I are suppose to be making  this tote together, but I jumped the gun.  Now, I am waiting to decide on the lining fabric, and want to look for something a little heavier than cotton to make the bag sturdier. I may even make matching accessories for this tote and I can use it to carry projects to guild classes. Accessories like a sewing machine mat, pin cushion, and maybe a needlebook. Wouldn’t that be cute! Oh, and maybe a matching iron caddy!


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