Finishing up the year

This is a little scrap quilt that I have been playing with for the last couple days. I am rather surprised that it went together so quickly. I figured I would sew the bits together and put some odd shaped blocks in my scrap block pile. Instead, I added some sashing and voila! a little quilt top. Now I need to ponder the quilting and decide what to do with it.

And look what Santa brought me:

I have been wanting a big mixer for so long. And this one is perfect. I already make a batch of cookies to test it out, and it works wonderfully. This picture makes the wall in the background look almost purple, but really, it is a tomato red, a little more orangish than the mixer’s red.

Speaking of gifts, my guild, the Choo Choo Quilters had a Christmas party and gift exchange earlier in December. We had dinner at Olive Garden and I exchanged a little snowman ornament. I am stunned by what I got. Looke at this beautiful scarf that was knitted by Carolyn, one of my favorite guild members:

I love it. it is so warm and soft. I hope we get cold enough weather that I can wear it.

Here is one final thing that I finished up today. I guess I will pack him away till next Christmas.

I made him from a printed panel that one of my Seaside Piecemaker guildmembers, Dorothy Eastwood, gave me. She actually gave me two of them, and I gave one to my Chattanooga friend, Sharon.  It took me a while to get to it, but I had fun making it. He is about 2 1/2 feet tall and can hang on a wall or door. I wonder where I will put him next year.

Well that is about it for 2009. I can’t wait to see what wonderful stuff happens in 2010. I will keep you posted… LOL


2 thoughts on “Finishing up the year

  1. Yeah you finished Santa he looks great. I love the color of the mixer, you go girl. I cannot believe you turned it into a quilt it looks awesome. Make sure to bring it to guild…see you tomorrow


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