Over the Rainbow With Jane

A few years ago, I got the notion to make myself a copy of the wonderful Jane Stickle quilt discovered and written about by Brenda Papadakis. I made a few blocks, then set it aside, then got it out and made a few more blocks, etc. I have a nice binder in which I have been keeping a record of the making of each block and swatches of fabric with the idea of having a journalish memento once the quilt was finished.

Maybe a month ago, I decided to get back to this quilt after a brief pause of a couple years. I had already planned my layout- a trip around the world scheme with the primary and secondary colors radiating out in rows. I had some blocks already done kind of randomly, but this time I had a nice plan. I would work the quilt inside out. I made the center block, which turned out to be green, then did the surrounding four blocks in yellow, then started on the next row in orange.

Each finished block would go in a plastic sleeve in the binder along with the notes I made about it. I started wondering what the blocks that I have finished so far would look like together and was not even sure how many there were.  I got them all out of the binder and pinned on the design wall. They had been put away untrimmed, and they all looked pretty shabby as well as shaggy. I had 21 square blocks and seven triangles done. I trimmed them to the right size and kept fiddling with them – arranging and rearranging. Then I decided to add the sashing to each one. I had set aside some fabric called dimples in the six colors for sashing and put a one inch sashing around each one. That helped their looks a lot. After some more fiddling, I came up with an acceptable arrangement and decided to see how they would look with the black dimples that I had planned for the cornerstones and setting triangles on the border.

By this time, I was committed to not finishing the rest of the blocks; to just make a little quilt with what I had and be done with it. And let me tell you how good that feels. I didn’t realize how heavy this quilt had been hanging over me. It is a lovely quilt and maybe one day I will decide to make the whole one, but for now, a little Jane seems perfect to me. I had most of it together by last night, but decided I had to make one more triangle. I did that today and put the little quilt top together. Here is the result:

Isn’t it cute! It is hanging a little crooked in this picture, and is straighter than it looks and the colors are a little brighter in real life. I love how dramatic that black is against the colors.

I don’t know what I will do with it. Maybe hang it on a wall, or over a chair for the cats. I enjoyed making these blocks. Most of them were done by hand, and that was fun. Now I will put this top in the pile of things to be quilted where I can forget about them for a while and get back to working on Xmas things.


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