Looking Ahead

I realized the other day that the year is nearly up and my 2009 journal is nearly full of writing so I will be needing another journal soon. It always surprises me how some projects take days, even weeks of planning and others just fall together almost instantly.  This is one of the quick ones.

I got this fabric the last time I was in Illinois, and have been waiting for a good project to use it in. The little spine strip was already made for some other project that never got made, and it goes perfectly with this. The peacock lace motif  sets it off perfectly and will remind me which side is front.

This is the whole cover. I didn’t get fancy with the quilting because it wouldn’t show anyway against that wonderful print.

And this is the cool fabric I used on the inside. I wish I could remember where I got that and could find more. It gradates from very dark brown to almost yellow and back to dark brown. Another section of it had different kids of dots along with the shading. I used most of it up in my lion face wall hanging and this is just about the end of it. The teal ric-rac makes a nice accent for a place keeper. I suppose I should find a nice bead to tie on the end of it or make a tassel.


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