Dear Hannah – All Together Now!

I got the two borders on. The quilt is too big to get it all in one photo, so here are a few to give you an idea how it turned out:

2009-11-07 dear hannah 1

See how it is too wide for the design wall?  It was also too long, but this gives an idea of it.  The colors are a little brighter than in the pictures. I am happy with the way the borders frame the blocks.

2009-11-07 dear hannah 2

Then I laid it over the bed and took a couple pictures that way. This is a queen sized bed.

2009-11-07 dear hannah 3

2009-11-07 dear hannah 4

So that is all for now of the Dear Hanna quilt. Tomorrow, I have to start on a cuddle quilt for my Crazy Quilt guild. It has to be done by the first Monday in December.


3 thoughts on “Dear Hannah – All Together Now!

  1. Wow this is awesome you have done a wonderful job….very, very pretty….It will be a job to quilt but well worth it….you were hiding this I didn’t even know you had one complete…I thought you were working on the blocks…..congratulations!

    Sharon G

    • raynbeaugirl says:

      Thanks. I thought it would help balance all those different purple fabrics. I think I like the sashing better than the blocks now. They seemed to take forever to make though.

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