Dear Hannah Progress

This is a quilt I started maybe five years ago. My plan was to use some blocks from the book Dear Jane by Brenda Manges Papadakis to make a quilt for my son Chris, and to use some blocks from the book Dear Hannah, also by Brenda, to make a quilt for my daughter, Jenny. The original blocks are all only 4 1/2″ square. At the time, I didn’t think I could work with such tiny blocks, so I just selected a few that looked kind of easy and enlarged them to a regular 12″ square.

You can see the completed quilt for Chris here at my webshots:

This picture says it was taken in January 2005, but I think I gave Chris that quilt for Christmas in 2004. Weird. Unfortunately, I never finished the one for Jenny. Sorry Jen. Here is an album with the blocks.

Looks like I got the blocks done by early 2005. Once I was done with them, I decided that they would look good with flying geese sashings. That ended up being a slow, boring part of the project. Over this last summer, I finally finished the sashing, but then put it all away.

This week, after finishing piecing that little table quilt, I decided to break out Hannah and see what it would take to finish it. For the last couple days I have been piecing the blocks and sashing. Here is a picture of my progress:


So far, I am not loving it like I think I should. These are some of my first attempts at applique and piecing. And the color combinations leave a lot to be desired. Oh, I love the purples and the variety, but I could have been more careful with contrast to make the blocks really pop. On top of all that, I used several different muslin fabrics for the backgrounds and you can see the slight variation in shades of white. But the more it comes together, The more I like it.

Here is how far I got on it today:

2009-11-01 dear hannah

I think the sashing makes it a lot more interesting, and I am glad I didn’t give up on that idea. The next step will be to cut some setting triangles to go around the edges. That will mean adding another kind of muslin in the mix. I guess it is a good lesson learned though – to buy enough of a fabric in the beginning to make sure it all matches. Hopefully, the variations will just seem like a scrappy happy accident.  I Haven’t measured it yet, but it looks about queen sized. I am thinking of seeing if my machine quilter will stitch along the sashing for me and I can fill in the blocks myself. Some of the blocks, I know exactly how I want the quilting to be, others are still a mystery, but that part should be fun.  Maybe I can get it done in time for Santa to put it under Jenny’s tree this year.


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