Xmas in August

Sometime in 1999 I had the great idea to make crazy patch I spy quilts for my grandsons.  I planned on having an assortment of redwork type blocks alternating with crazy patch blocks made up of juvenile fabrics with ‘thingies’ on them. As I had no ‘thingy’ fabric at the time, I went to my crazyquilt mail list (the one at quiltropolis.com) and offered to trade fancy fabrics for thingy fabrics. I got a lot of responses and way more thingy fabric than I could use in those two quilts.

I did not embellish the cq blocks because there was just not enough time, but I did manage to get the blocks done and the quilts assembled, putting the last stitches in the night before they arrived for Christmas.  Here are pictures of Joey and James’ quilts:



I used story and coloring book pictures and drawings I found on the internet. For the pictures of the boys, I used actual photos of them and had some kind of photo editing program that could turn the photo into a line drawing. Then I embroidered over the lines.

The two quilts have different but similar redwork pictures. I tried to have similar fabrics in the cq blocks so they could match them when they played I Spy. I used flannel sheets for the backing and tied the quilts.  This was way before I actually knew anything about quilting, and when they got washed, a lot of the seams came apart and had to be resewed. I don’t think these quilts lasted very long at all, but the boys seemed pleased, and I really had fun making them.

I said all that to get to this: some of the thingy fabric that did not get included in these quilts were a set of printed blocks with different birds, poinsettias and holly on them. Recently, I was thinking that I could put a little sashing around the bird blocks blocks and make them into hot mats to give out at Christmas. Last year I made sets of coasters from Christmas fabrics to give to my neighbors and the mailman. I thought these bird blocks might be nice this year.

I had some red fabric and got a couple light and dark greens at the quilt shop (http://www.lavenderlimeinspires.com/) and decided on a log cabin style of border.   I just finished that part today.  They came out so much cuter than I expected. Here is a close up of one block:

2009-08-16 xmas birds 3

My camera seems to be taking fuzzy pictures at the moment, but here they are all together:

2009-08-16 xmas birds 2

Each block is 11″ (10 1/2″ finished) .  Now that I have them to this point, I think maybe they are too big for hot mats and they look really cute together. I put a piece of muslin in the middle, but I bet I could use some of the red and green fabrics and make a star block or something to coordinate with the rest and make a cute little table cloth or wall hanging. Or I could put four together into a table runner. I guess they could even be place mats with a little more fabric. Still, it would be more practical to make the hot mats.

What do you think?


One thought on “Xmas in August

  1. Linda you could do anything with them. It looks wonderful as a wallhanging you could just embellish the center but the hot plates is a wonderful idea also. You know how we have those big bowls and platers during the festivities, they would work perfect…very pretty

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