Food, food, wonderful food…

This is my attempt at making Billie’s Italian Cream Cake from Pioneer Woman‘s website.  Her blog is one that I regularly read, and I love her recipes.  All of the recipes I have tried are wonderful, but this cake is the best yet.

2009-07-20 cake 2

I cut all the three layers  in half and put half of each one in the freezer.  I only frosted half a cake, but it has been more than enough for RB and I for the last few days.  MMMMMM.  And we will have the other half of the cake sometime soon.

2009-07-20 cake 1

I have this special relationship with Italian Cream Cakes. I discovered one version at Sam’s Club.  It has a subtle lemon flavor and a thick cream layer between two nice cake layers.  Delicious! More than once, I have gotten this cake. It is pre-cut into 12 pieces, and I always say I will freeze part of it, but somehow the cake gets eaten before it makes it to the freezer.  Raymond tried it and said, “It’s OK,” but he didn’t have more than one piece.

Then we were at a great restaurant downtown Chattanooga called the City Diner, and I saw a huge Italian Cream Cake in their sumptuous cake display case and had to try it.  It had four layers of cake and was a lot more like Billie’s cake than the one at Sam’s Club.  The slice of cake was so big, I had to take half of it home in a box.  It was very good the next day too.

Then I saw this recipe.

This is the best cake I have ever made and ever eaten.  Raymond usually only likes chocolate and carrot cakes, but he love this one too.

Here is Pioneer Woman’s website:

As long as you are there,  take a minute to check out the best chocolate sheet cake ever.  I have made that a couple times, and it is wonderful too.  Raymond said it was just like the chocolate cake his mom use to make for his birthday.

Either one of these cakes will change your life, believe me!


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