Pick and Choose Progress

Yesterday, I finished the top.  Yep, it is all pieced and ready to quilt.  Today we are going to look for backing fabric, then I think I am going to see if one of the local quilting shops will quilt it for me.  It is such a busy quilt that it would be fine with an overall design, maybe hearts or leaves or both.  I probably could wrangle it around in my little sewing machine, but I don’t think i could do the layering and pinning careful enough to avoid tucks on the back.  It would be easier and quicker to have someone throw it on their long-arm and have at it.  Here are some pictures of the top on a bed:

2009-07-20 pick and choose 1

The binding is made up of 9″ strips of all the greens sewed end to end.  That will be a nice finish.

This bed is on a platform and does not have a box spring like the master bed, but I think the quilt is long enough on the sides anyway.  I am so amazed that the blocks look so square and nice and the borders went on so easily.  Even the corners came out nice:

2009-07-20 pick and choose 2

Max even gave it her seal of approval.  Now I am planning and plotting out pillow shams.  I think I have enough extra bits of fabric for them, and after this big project, they will seem like nothing to make.

2009-07-20 pick and choose 3


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