Welcome Home

WELCOME HOME WALL HANGING:  Here is a little wall hanging that I made (according to the label on the back) on 1/1/04.  I believe it is the first traditional quilt project I ever started and finished.  While I was working on it, I was also working on the Hancock Fabrics block-of-the-month (which is still not assembled) and the Chaos Harmony quilt (which is kind of finished except I want to do some more quilting on it).

I found the Welcome Home pattern in a borrowed quilting magazine, and I really liked the pineapple/hospitality sentiment. Although it seemed rather daunting at the time, I made it anyway.  This was one of those projects that stirs the passions – you get caught up in and have to keep working on it till it is done whether you know what you are doing or not.  And when you are not working on it, you are thinking about working on it. It is even hand quilted!  I forgot about that.

We use to have it hanging in the living room in our home Lamplighter Village in Melbourne, Florida, but it has been on a hanger in the closet since we unpacked here.  Yesterday, I dug it out of the closet and decided it would look good over my computer desk.  Raymond used a level to make sure it is hanging straight.  Unfortunately, the quilt itself is not exactly square, so you can’t tell how carefully he positioned it.  I love it just the way it is.

My computer desk is in the corner of the living room. In this picture, you can see the (mostly) empty dining room and the doorway to the kitchen and the deck in the back of the house.

2009-07-16 welcome home

PICK-AND-CHOOSE: I made the second border for the pick and choose quilt and also sewed the binding.  All I have to do now is attach the first and second borders and get it quilted and bound. I think I am ahead of schedule on this one.


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