Pick and Choose: yet another update

After the last post where I said I would have to take a few days to rearrange the blocks so that the fewest like fabrics were in adjacent blocks, I realized that was an impossible task.  Well, maybe not for a master quiltmaker, but I am way way way way far from that.  Each block has four different white fabrics and eight different greens.  All together there are around 20 different whites and 40 different greens.  If I moved a block to separate one green, I ended up with another green from that block next to itself in the new location.  I decided it would be easier to leave the blocks as they lay and work with them like that. It kept me from pulling out my hair.

So I added the horizontal sashing and sewed the blocks together vertically. It changes the look, but it is fine with me.

The next step was to sew the vertical sashing onto each row. The pattern called for a long single section between each vertical row. I could see that I would get myself into a lot of trouble doing it that way and could end up with the blocks not matching horizontally. I decided to cut the sashing into 12 1/2″ sections with cornerstones from the extra whites. That would help me line up the blocks so the quilt would look straighter and more square.

Then I sewed the vertical rows together to get a single piece. I couldn’t get the bottom edge into the picture, but you can see how it is coming along.

2009-14-09 pick and choose 2

I am quite pleased with it so far. It is mostly square and mostly flat. Most of the corners meet properly. Most of the star points are pointy – only a few are cut off a bit, and the quilt is so busy that you have to really look to see the stubby ones.

Now I have to add another row of sashing all around the outside, then put the border blocks on. Raymond comes in and watches me work on it now and again. All he has said is that it is pretty busy. I am taking that as a compliment. LOL

Yesterday, the 13th, was my mother’s birthday. She would be 76.


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