A Little Progress

First, here is another picture of the sewing room. This one shows the nice view of the front yard that I get when I have the blind open. It was hard to get a good picture because the brightness from the outside vs. the brightness of the ceiling light confuses the camera.

2009-07-11 studio

I have an old table cloth on that one table because I was trying to paint on fabric.  The jury is still out as to whether that secret project experiment was successful or not.  Since the picture is kinda fuzzy, I think my secret is still safe.

Oh and look at that little scrap basket. It sure is getting full again. I may have to plan a couple scrap quilting days.

I moved the ironing board is in front of the window for a while so I can get a good look at the design wall. Check this out:

2009-07-11 studio pick and choose 2

Those are all the pick and choose blocks. All done! I thought that once I got to this point it would be a quick matter of adding sashing and borders, but I have gotten kind of slowed down. I pinned them all to the wall and it seems that no matter how I arrange them, I end up with clumps of the same fabric in adjacent blocks. I think I will have to take a few days to fiddle with this part before I can go any further.

Finally, today is my grandson, James’ birthday. He is 11. Happy Birthday James.


One thought on “A Little Progress

  1. Angela says:

    Always enjoy your updates. Last year I had a battle with Breast Cancer, and your site along with others, were some of what helped me to get through. Take care….Angela

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