Room Switcharoo: Part 2 Sewing Studio

As mentioned in my last post, we moved the sewing room and the guest bedroom so that I could have more room for creating.  Here are some pictures of the new sewing room with all the stuff just piled in there:

2009-07-02 studio 1

The design wall was so easy to move. We didn’t even have to take the blocks off.

2009-07-02 studio 2

This is the closet before Raymond installed the shelves that were in the other closet. Those plastic drawer units are full of fabric and unfinished projects.

2009-07-02 studio 3

All of this clutter came out of the little closet. Wow! What a lot of stuff.

2009-07-02 studio 8

In the old sewing room, there was only enough wall space for this narrow pegboard that Raymond made for me. It just leans against the wall, so it was easy to move too. These two folding tables would not fit together in the old room, but they do here. I even have plans to add a third one right next to them.

I spent a couple days putting things in the new closet and making room in my room. There will be some fine tuning of the storage space to make it more efficient. That is something I can work at gradually.

2009-07-04 studio 04

We got a new piece of pegboard from Lowes, and Raymond put leg on it. It is so cool. I have plenty of room to hang my rotary cutters and rulers. Then we went to Hobby Lobby with 40% off coupons and got some wooden thread racks. Raymond painted them white to go with the pegboard and we attached them with nylon ties through the holes.

The top shelf of that bookcase has fishing tackle boxes full of my embroidery threads and flosses. There is a separate box for each color. The shoe boxes hold things like, suede scraps, lace making tools, fabric paints, wood and wire things, exotic fibers, artist trading card and fabric post card supplies, etc.

Oh, and if you look close — that tannish lump under the table is Max. Her sister Zeena is posing in front of the tables.

2009-07-07 studio pegboard with thread racks & cats

I moved the little pegboard over by the design wall and ironing board.  It is a great place to hang an extra pair of scissors and maybe a pin cushion.  That wooden rack is a box that my friend Irene Watson gave me that was full of fat quarters. The box is hanging on hooks in this picture. Raymond is painting it white for me and when it is done, we will hang it with nylon straps which will hold it steadier. I have kept it because it holds my spray bottle of water and a couple spray starch cans perfectly. Very handy to have by the ironing board.

2009-07-04 studio 10 little pegboard

So that’s my new sewing room. It seems so spacious compared to the old one. There is good ceiling light and a big sliding glass door for natural light. I can walk from one area to another without bumping into things. Everything is easy to get to when I need it. I even have room in case a sewing friend stops by for a stitch-in.

Yesterday, I actually did some sewing in my sewing room. I did some painting on a new secret project and put together a couple more of the green blocks. I have four more to assemble, then I can start adding the sashing. Wow, this is going together faster than I expected!

What have you been up to?


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