Room Switcharoo Part 1: Guestroom

A couple weeks ago, I decided it would be more practical to have the middle sized bedroom be the sewing room and the smallest bedroom be the guest room. My wonderful hubby rolled his eyes a bit (this is the fourth time I have moved the sewing room since we bought the house a year and a half ago). Then, indulgent man that he is, gathered his tools and said, “Where do I start?” Another reason why I love him so much.

Here is the old guest room:

2008-11-08 middle bedroom

Here is the new guest room:

2009-07-02 guestroom 3

Not much difference, right? The room is a bit smaller, but there is plenty of space to walk around the bed. I didn’t hang that elephant picture. I am hoping that leaving the wall bare will encourage me to finish the little red paisley quilt I made to go above the bed sooner.

This room also has a nice built in bookcase that will continue to hold my quilting/sewing/embroidery/craft books as well as magazines, boxes of photos, albums, stuffed animals, and little knick knacks.

2009-07-02 guestroom 1


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