Another Pick and Choose Update

I got all the small units (four-patch and half-square-triangle) assembled, and started putting them up on the design wall to see how they will look together. Here is a picture of three rows which just about ran me out of pins. 2009-06-14 pick and chooseThe design wall is not wide enough for me to leave spaces between the bigger units where the sashing would go, so these look more blended together than the actual quilt will be (see next picture for a reminder).  With the sashing, those big white squares won’t be so dominant and the star design will show more. I

am pleased with how all the different greens and whites mix, although I can see there is still some re-arranging to be done.

2009-06-14 pick and choose close up

I looked at my quilting books and found one by Eleanor Burnes called Jewel Box, which is very similar if not exactly like that buckey beauty variation I showed on my last post.  I thought that was interesting.  I have looked at that book many times thinking that I would like to make that quilt. I prefer the variation that I am making, especially with this sashing and border.

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