Pick and Choose progress

Here are piles of the various sizes of strips and units that I had put together this morning:

2009-06-11 pick and choose 5The long strips on the top are the binding strips. They will get sewn together end on end into a long strip.

The smaller strips on the left are the sashing strips. They will be sewn together end on end then two strips will go together sideways.

The half-square-triangles there in the top middle area are for the outer border.

2009-06-11 pick and choose 1

Here are stacks of four patch and half-square-triangle units pinned together.

The stacks of squares and strips on the right are extra ones to be blended with the new fabrics.

Amd here is a glimpse of the new fat quarters all washed and pressed:

2009-06-11 pick and choose 2

This is an approximation of the way the smaller units will be put together to form the blocks:

2009-06-11 pick and choose 3

According to the article in the magazine, this is called a buckeye beauty block.  Yesterday, I happened to see a different arrangement also called buckeye beauty. Same units, just arranged differently. It looks like this:

2009-06-11 pick and choose 4

I like the look of this one too. When these blocks are put together without sashing, small squares on point are formed which looks pretty graphic and neat. I am not sure how it would look with the sashing though. Maybe I will play around with it once I get all the small units assembled.

So today, I got all the new fat quarters cut and have all the half-square-triangle units sewn together. I should get the four patch units tonight or maybe tomorrow.  It’s almost time for the fun to begin! I am planning  this quilt with the idea of having it done in time for RB’s birthday in September. Even though he is watching me put it together, I don’t think he will recognize it once it is done, and he should be nicely surprised.


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