Another New Project

Although I have like two or three dozen unfinished quilty projects lying around already, I have begun yet another one.  I can’t help myself.  This one has been calling to me for over a month.  It is called Pick-and-Choose.  Just look at it:

2009-06-10 quilting mag

I realize that the quilt on the cover doesn’t really look like one that would entice me, but it does.  I like how complex the block looks like even though when you study it it is clearly made of a couple four-patch and a couple half-square-triangle patches.  Even I can make a halfway decent four-patch and a pretty straight half-square-triangle if I really focus.  And I like how the narrow strips of the sashing make the blocks look even more complicated, and the way they used more half-square-triangles to make a fancy looking border.  I even like the scrappy assortment of fabrics used in this one.

So, that is the May 2009 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting and I have been going back to it just about every day and thinking about making it.  I decided that I would probably not like making one just by pulling fabrics from all my colors, but I do have a ton of different greens and maybe half a ton of white and off-white prints that would probably look pretty good together.   Our master bedroom is painted a dark green so this quilt would go nicely in there.

Maybe a week ago, I pulled all the fabrics I thought I might use and decided that I had plenty.  The instructions call for 15 white/off white fat quarters and 30 dark and medium fat quarters.  I had a whole yard of some of the fabrics I chose, so I won’t have quite the variety of fabrics in the cover quilt, but I like what I have so far.

Once I saw that I had probably enough, I started cutting and after a couple three days I had most of the cutting done.  I started sewing the four-patch and half-square-triangle units, and was going along pretty smoothly then my friend Lynn stopped by for a few days on her way from Tampa back to Illinois.  We had a great visit.  It has been a couple years since I saw her and this was her first time visiting me since I moved from Illinois.

Anyway, so eventually I got back to the sewing and have most of the small units together.  I started sorting them trying to arrange a pleasing randomness.  That is working out pretty well, although you never know how it will really look till it is sewn together.

The instructions in the magazine make a quilt five blocks by five blocks which will end up around 78″ square.  I decided that I want to make it six blocks by six blocks, or 90″, so it will be big enough to lay on our queen size bed and hang over the sides a bit.  That means that instead of needing 100 of the small units, I need 144.

Today I went to one of my local quilt shops, Lavender Lime ( ), and got me five more white/off-white and ten more green fat quarters.  The lights are all washed and pressed. The darker ones are in the dryer now.  I am not sure yet if I will need to get more. I still have some squares and strips of the first round of cutting that I can mix in with the new ones so they blend better. And I have all the sorted and sewn units pinned together but not stitched yet so once I know I have enough, I can mix them up on the design wall to get just the right arrangement.

Maybe tomorrow I will take some pictures of my cute little stacks of greens and whites. The new header picture was made from little bits trimmed off as I was making the four-patch blocks. That can give you an idea of the range of greens and whites I have so far.


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