Santa CQ

Well last Friday we took my Kenmore sewing machine in for a tune-up. After all those days of almost non-stop sewing on the scrappy blocks, it got tired and when I tried a little buttonhole stitch on the flower pot wall hanging, it got loud and clunking. I decided it deserved a little vacation and R&R. It hasn’t been serviced since we got it in 2005, although I have dusted and oiled the parts I could get to pretty regularly.

I got out my old Singer to play with in the meantime, and it was having tension problems, so it may need a little vacation too. Now that I am machine-less, I have been thinking of so many different things to sew — all of which require machine sewing of course.

To fill the time (Kenmore will be out until at least 5/5) I pieced the frame around that Santa picture I posted a few months ago. I guess I can start embellishing that. The plan is to use red, green and gold embroideries and such. Here is a picture so far:


The foundation is an old dinner napkin which is maybe 16″ or 18″ square. The fabrics are various silks and satins.  I haven’t done any crazy quilting in a while, so this will be fun.

On a not quilt related topic, I have a new ring-tone on my phone. Raymond and I were talking about ring-tones and what we would want to replace the default one that came with the phone. He decided he would like the beginning of the Indiana Jones theme song for his. I had read recently on a blog about someone who used the Law & Order ‘da dunk’ on theirs and that was tempting. In the end I decided that I would like my cellphone to sound like a real phone. Raymond found the perfect ring for me. Now my phone sounds like one of those old rotary phones! It is very cute.  If I was very clever, I could put some kind of link right here so you could here it too, but I don’t know how. Maybe I will take some time and figure it out though.

Have a wonderful day.


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