Quilt Scraps

So, after I finished piecing the sudoku quilt, I decided to clean out the little basket that I throw fabric scraps into. I have seen on several blogs and websites about mile-a-minute quilts where you just take a couple scraps and sew them together and keep doing that till you get a big pile. Then you take those pieces and sew them together again and you keep going till you get a nice size for blocks. Then you sew them together and end up with a wild crazy scrap quilt. I like this idea because you get to use up just about every bit of fabric. So I have been sewing scraps together for the last four days. It is kind of addicting. I keep wanting to see how the next round will look.

I have my laptop in the sewing room and am listening to books downloaded from the library and I have been spending almost all day in there listening and sewing.  I took pictures the other day of the piles of sewn scraps.


The big pile of scraps are actually still connected to each other. This method is called chain-piecing because you sew one piece after another without cutting the thread between them until you are all done. Then you cut them apart and press them open and start all over again. I lowered my ironing board so it would be comfortable to sit while I cut the blocks apart and press them open.

The plastic drawer holds what was left of the un-sewn scraps from my scrap basket. That drawer is now empty and all the scraps are sewn into nice little clusters.


I moved my computer chair in there because it is more comfortable for hours of sewing than the chair that I usually use in there (you can see the regular chair in the first picture by the ironing board. It is slightly padded but does not have much in the way of back support). Then, I roll the computer chair back out to the living room to check my mail on the computer. I guess I should get a comfy chair to stay in there, but for now this is working just fine. And, I could check my mail on the laptop, but I don’t like the smaller keyboard.


This picture shows some of the pieced blocks pressed and ready to be sewn again.


All the scraps are now sewn and trimmed into blocks of various widths and lengths. They fill up my design wall almost three times.


They are so ugly they are cute, don’t you think? Imagine them sewn together into vertical strips then separated by a  2 or 3 inch strip of solid fabric. Black would look very dramatic, but red or blue or even white would look good.


I put them away for now and will get back to real projects while I think about what to do with these. What fun it has been!


And here is my empty scrap basket. I wonder what scraps will fill it up next?



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