Sudoku Preserves

Everyone loves playing sudoku, right? Well everyone either loves it or doesn’t. I love it. I feel like it keeps my brain exercised. I found a nice little sudoku application on Facebook and I usually play every day.

I also like the idea of a sudoku quilt, where you basically make a solved sudoku puzzle using different fabrics instead of numbers. This idea has been simmering away on the back burner of my imagination for some time. In fact, I just checked my archives (sounds weird to say that I have archives, but it also feels kind of cool), and I showed a picture of a sudoku quilt I drafted in Electric Quilt here:

So a couple weeks ago I started thinking about this again with the idea that I could make a little quilt for the kitchen. I decided to use different fruit and vegetable fabrics in place of the numbers, and decided to make the plain blocks look like canning jars. It went together quickly and is all done except for quilting and binding. Here is a picture of it:


Here is a close up of the different fabrics:


Isn’t it cute! I already showed these these pictures in Facebook, so you may have seen them already. I really like the mushroom fabric because it has morels in it. Those are my favorite mushrooms of all time.  This quilt is about 24″ x 40″ and will fit perfectly on one wall in my kitchen. I used that peachy fabric for the background so it would sort of coordinate with the big flower pot quilt I am working on:

although that may just end up being a tablecloth rather than a wall decoration. Raymond is not so sure about me using gray for the jar lids, but he does not remember those really old canning jars that had greyish lids. I think it looks ok. They will stand out more once I get the quilting done.


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