Tidying Up the Sewing Room

I decided that I needed a thread catcher to eliminate the growing pile of thread snippits on the table just to the right of the sewing machine. I have seen many different types of thread catchers and formed an idea of how to make it so that it would hang just off the table where it would be handy to catch the threads. It needed some weight to keep it from falling off the table, so I made a little fabric pocket to hold a 4″ bathroom tile. That is heavy enough to keep the thread catcher and also serves as a nice place to put a glass of water or cup of tea.

I have a few yards of a tanish fabric with little sewing pictures on it: thread and needles, sewing machines, scissors, etc. That seemed perfect for this project. Near that fabric I noticed another fabric that had similar coloring but is an uneven faux hand-dyed stripe. They looked to me like they might just go together. And there is enough of both of them to make other sewing room items as time allows.

So, I made it. I also made a new coaster to match and put that on top of the pocket with the tile in it, although I am sure the pocket would be fine on it’s own.

Once that was done, I realized I also needed a new sewing machine mat to match the thread catcher. So I fiddled with measurements and looked over the sewing-machine-mat pattern I had from one of the guild member-teacher classes and made a new mat. I even made a little pin cushion that sticks to the mat with hook-and-loop tape.  Here is a picture of the set:


Here is a close-up of the mat:


Finally, I decided to make a tiny little wall hanging to go just to the right of the door on which to display the quilting and other pins I have collected. I used the sewing fabric and some off-white muslin to make a set of small nine-patches, sewed them in a strip and bordered them with the stripy fabric. I used a heavy interfacing to keep it steady under the weight of all the pins, did a little quick quilting, and used the muslin for the binding. Here is a picture of it pinned to the design wall before I put any pins on it:


I will post a picture of it in place as soon as I dig out all my little pins and get them on it.  I think I have enough fabric to make a couple chair covers to match these items, but I have to think about that a while before I attempt it. For now, I am going back to working in the red duvet wall hanging quilt.  It is very nice to work in such a co-ordinated room.


4 thoughts on “Tidying Up the Sewing Room

  1. Linda says:

    Thanks, Sephari, for the comment.

    I didn’t really have a pattern for it. We made something similar at a guild meeting, but this one is . Basically, you cut two pieces about the size of a fat quarter, sandwich them with batting and quilt a little to hold them together.

    Then you cut fabric for the pockets. I made three pockets of graduating sizes. You need a front and back for each one. I didn’t add batting to the pockets, but you could.

    I used a narrow strip (1 1/4″) for the edging. I sewed it to the front of the top of the pocket then pressed it and folded it over to the back and top stitched from the front along the seam to secure it to the back.

    Put the smallest pocket on the pocket that will be behind it. Decide how wide you want the sections to be and mark with chalk or whatever you prefer. Then stitch up and down the marks.

    Then add that set of pockets to the next one and mark and sew those sections through all layers. Lay the pockets onto the mat and baste around the edge to hold them together.

    Then I cut some binding and machine sewed it all around just like I would a quilt.

    Stitch a small piece of hook-and-loop tape to the mat along the right edge and sew the other side of the hook-and-loop tape to the bottom of your pin cushion and stick it on.

    The mat is very useful. It minimizes vibration from the machine on the table, keeps your sewing tools at hand, and can be folded up and taken along to a sewing class.

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